The Legend of Tan Medrak

The Legend of Tan Medrak is a series of novels that chronicles the reemergence of the Valnatrant order of warrior mages, and its ruler, Trinus.  The last Trinus, Jeragoth, lived 8000 years ago.  He was betrayed by one of his own people and murdered by the Eldo Valnatrants who sought to rule in his stead.  They were defeated by the remaining Valnatrants who then scattered and faded into obscurity.  Over the millenia, one of the direct descendants of Jeragoth always bore a birthmark that proclaimed their heritage.  Now, 8000 years later, a child has been born who will grow to become the new Trinus and bring the Valnatrant order back to life.  But another was also born, who will contend with this child, who seeks to subjugate all creatures under his rule.

The Heir of Jeragoth