On Energy

There are five energy sources on Gorthus.  These energy sources cause or initiate all actions, abilities, and changes.  The energy sources are Physical, Magical, Spiritual, Mental, and Lifeforce.

Physical energy comes in the form of mass in motion.  The greater the combination, the greater the energy.  Physical energy is the primary source for Warrior types, except for the Plane Traveler.  Most warrior types use other forms of energy as well, including the Paladin, Anti-Paladin, Barbarians, Explorers, and Rangers.

Magical energy springs up from the rocks of Gorthus.  This energy is drawn up and stored in the bodies of those who know how to collect and use it.  It is then released in a form chosen by the wielder.  Magical energy users come in many varieties including Wizards, Magicians, Hedge Mages, Elementalists, and Alchemists.  In theory the Chronomancer also relies mostly on Magical energy, but there’s really no proof they exist at all.

Deities confer Spiritual energy to their worshippers.  The resultant power is then shaped to the will of the worshipper, as long as it remains in line with the Deities wishes.  The most common use of Spiritual power is to heal, and second to harm.  Priests rely almost exclusively on this power, with the most notable exception of the sword swinging, hammer bashing Priests of Taelerion. 

Mental energy is generated in the minds of creatures.  Mendari rely upon mental energy to traverse the troubled pathways of the human mind.  They can cast their mental energy out to the world of Gorthus, transforming that energy into physical energy to move, create and destroy matter.  Plane Travelers use their mental energy to bend space, move themselves and others from place to place, and from plane to plane.   

Lifeforce is generated by all living things.  Novadi draw upon the lifeforce generated by the living things around them to augment their physical energy usage to create small magic like effects, such as teleportation, and spiritual energy like effects such as minor healing.