So now what?

August 2nd, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin

If you’ve finished book 1 you might be asking, so now what?  Where’s book 2 and how long do I have to wait to read it?  Well, strangely enough, book 2 is written, but it needs some serious overhaul before it’s ready for public consumption.  I may post chapter 1 up here in another week or so just to whet your appetite.  By the way, Book two of the series is called A Ranger From Adamnar

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August 1st, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin!/pages/Gorthuscom/140459982687006

All Done!

August 1st, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin

All 20 chapters of The Heir of Jeragot hare up. I hope you enjoy reading this. If you do, let me know.

More Chapters

July 30th, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin

So far chapters 1-11 are up. More to come.

But wait, there’s more!

July 29th, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin

Chapters 3 and 4. (I couldn’t resist)

Chapter 2

July 29th, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin

Chapter 2 is up!

The Heir of Jeragoth is live!

July 28th, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin

I have posted the prologue and chapter 1 from The Heir of Jeragoth. Look for it under The Legend of Tan Medrak. Enjoy!

The Legend of Tan Medrak

July 28th, 2012  / Author: Eibhlin

I have posted a new page which will contain our novels in the Legend of Tan Medrak series.  The prologue and first chapter of book 1: The Heir of Jeragoth, will be up shortly.

June 7th, 2011  / Author: iorunner

The Forum is back up. BB wasn’t working out. I wasn’t having any luck keeping the users, logging, and admin on-line for any length of time. I switched to Simple Machines Forum. I haven’t skinned it yet, but I am in search of a compatible look. In the meantime I have created a few boards and topics. Please let me know, either in the forum, as comment, or email if you would like any additional boards or topics. :)

A New Short Story

May 31st, 2011  / Author: Eibhlin

I know,  it’s been a while. :(   I have been very busy this semester teaching three classes and I started a new counseling job on top of it, so my writing suffered a bit.  However, TA DA! here is a new short story for your enjoyment.